Biology 201 Spring 2013 Todd Hennessey – Notes on Cells


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Unformatted text preview: ed on dynamic, mechanical changes within cells, many of which are initiated by changes in the shape of “motor” proteins. Motor proteins are just one of many types of molecular “machines” employed by cells to carry out mechanical activities Cells are able to Respond to Stimuli Some cells respond to stimuli in obvious ways; some in less obvious ways. Cells within a multicellular plantor animal respond to stimuli less obviously Most cells are covered with receptors that interact with substances in the environment in highly specific ways. Cells possess receptors to hormones, growth factors, and extracellular materials, as well as to substances on the surfaces of other cells. A cells receptors provide pathways through which external agents can evoke specific responses in target cells Cells are capable of Self­Regulation Regulation is very important The importance of a cell’s regulatory mecha...
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