Biology 201 Spring 2013 Todd Hennessey – Notes on Cells


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Unformatted text preview: ost basic processes, such as the synthesis of proteins, the conservation of chemical energy, or the construction of a membrane, are remarkably similar in all living organisms. cells possess a genetic program and means to use it organisms are built based on information that is encoded in a collection of genes human genetic program­ if spoken would be millions and millions of written pages. BUT all this information is packaged into a set of chromosomes that occupy the space of a cell nucleus. Genes are more than storage lockers—they are the blueprints for making cellular structures, the directions for operating the cells and the program/ability to make more of themselves. Cells are capable of producing more of themselves Cells reproduce by division – a process in which the contents of a “mother” cell are distributed into two fully duplicated, and each daughter cell receives a complete and equal share of genetic information. Cells Acquire and Utilize Energy Every biological process requires the use...
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