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The class becomes dicult to maintain and vulnerable

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Unformatted text preview: rea(self): return 2*self.radius*self.radius • A local variable exists for the duraDon of a funcDon or method call •  self.radius is not a local variable. It is an instance variable. It exists for as long as the instance of the class does, and can be accessed anywhere inside it. 19 TesGng a Class • Test your class is implemented correctly by using each method with different kinds of arguments • You can write tesDng code in the same Python file as your class, or in another file by imporDng the class • ie. to test the Person class in the file person.py, use from person import Person! • Note that imporDng a .py file also runs it!! 20 TesGng the Circle class from circle import Circle c1 = Circle(5) c2 = Circle(3) class Circle: def __init__(self, radius = 1): self.radius = radius print(c1.get_area()) print(c2.get_perimeter()) def get_area(self): return (self.radius**2)*math.pi def getPerimeter(self): return 2*self.radius*math.pi 21 7 13 ­11 ­13 Data Hiding • Python lets you do c.radius = 6 when using the Circle class, however it is not co...
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