Def getfavefoodself return selffavefood 8 methods

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Unformatted text preview: nstance of the list class, and 
 # contains instances of the string class
 my_list = [“a”, “b”, “c”]! ! # type() lets you discover the type or class of 
 # an object
 >>> type(5)
 <class 'int'>! 7 A class! class Person: ! fave_food = "pizza"! ! def __init__(self, name, city):! self.name = name! self.city = city! ! def get_name(self):! return self.name! ! def get_city(self):! return self.city! ! def move(self, new_city):! self.city = new_city! ! def get_fave_food(self):! return self.fave_food! 8 Methods and Members • Define a class using the class keyword • FuncDons can be defined inside a class   These funcDons are called methods • Variables can be added inside a class   These variables are called members or member variables 9 3 13 ­11 ­13 Constructors • The constructor is a special method inside a class • It tells Python some informaDon about how to create a new instance of the class • The...
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