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Unformatted text preview: other process • A string object knows how to make itself lowercase, we don’t have to pass the string to a funcDon to do that for us   ie. “Hello”.lower() not lower(“Hello”)! 4 Classes • A class is a descripDon of a data type (e.g., integers, strings, floaDng point numbers, …) • We can write our own classes in Python… • … and so we can define our own types! • Classes contain data and funcDonality related to the new type 5 Instances • The “values” of that type are called instances of the class instance 5 ‘cat’ -8 37 10 128 221 ‘a’ ‘kayak’ ‘Bob’ ‘took’ … class of integers … class of strings 10.0 2.718 6.1 -3.5 3.14159 8.7 … class of floaDng point numbers 6 2 13 ­11 ­13 Instances # my_str and “Hello” are instances of the 
 # string class
 my_str = “World”! ! # my_list is an i...
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