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Getnameself getcityself moveself city getfavefoodself

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Unformatted text preview: constructor is always called __init__   FuncDons with double underscores have special meaning to Python (there are a lot of them, but this is the only one we’ll use for now) • The constructor has at least one parameter… self 10 “self” • Methods in a class need to know which object they are referring to • The first parameter in any method refers to the parDcular instance of the class the method was called on • The convenDon is to use self as this parameter • You can refer to methods and members of self 11 The Person class • Methods in the Person class:   __init__(self, name, age) # the constructor!   get_name(self)   get_city(self)   move(self, city)   get_fave_food(self) • Member variables in the Person class:   fave_food   name # created in the constructor   city # created in the constructor 12 4 13 ­11 ­13 Using a class • Aeer defining the Person class, we can use it ! # creates a new instance of the Person class
 # by calling the construc...
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