Radius is not a local variable it is an instance

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Unformatted text preview: True if object is an instance of class and False otherwise >>> isinstance("Hello", str)! True! >>> isinstance("Hello", float)! False! >>> isinstance([1,2,3], list)! True! >>> isinstance([1,2,3], dict)! False! 16 A Circle class • In order to create a Circle object, we might write something like this: radius = 40 shape = Circle(radius) • What methods should be in the Circle class? • What member variables should be in the Circle class? 17 Constructor – Circle class • The first method inside the class is the constructor (__init__) • The constructor iniDalizes the member data, and must be passed a reference to the object with self. • NOTE: The arguments of the constructor match the parameters of the __init__ method without self. 18 6 13 ­11 ­13 Other Methods inside the Circle class def get_perimeter(self): return 2*self.radius*math.pi def get_a...
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