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each frame has dierent arguments frame n 1 and the

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Unformatted text preview: ean test becomes False   For loop: stop acer going through all items in the “iterable” • Recursion: we stop when we reach the base case • Are we at the base case?   YES, then STOP and return   No: Con5nue by making another recursive call stop the recursion continue recursively 24 8 13 ­11 ­04 When does the recursion stop? • Recursion: we always test if we reached the base case   Yes: STOP and return   No: Con5nue base case recursive call • IMPORTANT: the recursive call must always “get closer” to the base case   In the example, every call uses a smaller value (closer to 1)   If we never reach the base case, we never stop 25 Recursion and the stack ∑N frame 1 gauss(N-1) ∑N-1 frame 2 gauss(N-2) ...   Each frame has different arguments! frame n-1...
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