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Recursion example 3 reversing a string stop when there

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Unformatted text preview:   And the answers start to be returned ... ∑2 gauss(2) call • The stack grows un5l a call that executes a base case is found ∑N-2 ∑1 frame n returns . . . • The difference is that there will be several frames execu5ng the same func5on call   In fact, it was invented precisely to handle recursion main gauss(N) call • The stack handles recursion beau5fully! gauss(1) 26 Recursion and the stack • Try this out on your own!!!! 27 9 13 ­11 ­04 Recursion Example # 3 – Reversing a String •  Want to reverse the characters of a string •  Our basic opera5on is swap the two characters at the beginning and end of the string O R A N G E S S R A N G E O Recursion Example # 3 – Reversing a String •  Now we just need to do that with inner string, and a`ach two outer characters S R E A A N N G G E O R •  … so when do we stop? Recursion Example # 3 – Reversing a String •  Stop when there is nothing to swap •  Either 0 or 1 characters in the string, depending on if the length of the original string was even or odd N N •  So the length == 0 or length == 1 is our base case! 10 13 ­11 ­04 Recursion Example # 3 – Reversing a String r...
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