130925 references values and modifying lists question

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Unformatted text preview: [email protected] and answer reference the same list –  This is true for all kinds of objects, not just lists References, values, and modifying lists answer answer[0] = answer[3] 0x268 question 0x268 orphan 0x26c are awake 0x28a 0x2ac this 0x2fd 0x2eb you for •  The assignment operator does not make a copy of individual elements in the list either –  Now, both answer[0] and answer[3] reference the same element •  An object that is not referenced anywhere is an orphan 3 13 ­09 ­25 References, values, and modifying lists question 0x268 0x26c answer = [email protected] answer[0] = answer[3] answer[1] = answer[4] answer[4] = answer[2] answer[2] = 'I' answer [3] = 'am' are answer 0x268 0x2ac 0x28a awake 0x2fd 0x2fd this you 0x2be 0x2eb 0x2eb for 0x2db 0x2ac awake for this I am Garbage [email protected] answer 0x268 0x2fd 0x2be 0x2eb 0x2db 0x2ac awake are you for this I am •  The obj...
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