E their values instead they keep references to the

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Unformatted text preview: followed by hex digits (the numbers 0 ­9, plus the leSers a ­f) •  A Python list actually consists of a bunch of these references 2 13 ­09 ­25 References, values, and modifying lists ques@on = ['are', 'you', 'awake', 'for', 'this'] question 0x268 0x26c are 0x2ac 0x28a awake this 0x2fd 0x2eb you for •  Lists in Python do not store the actual elements (i.e., their values). Instead, they keep references to the elements –  References are the addresses in memory where the elements (i.e., their actual values) are •  Keeping references simplifies the interpreter, but makes the mental model of program somewhat more complex References, values, and modifying lists answer 0x268 question 0x268 0x26c 0x2ac 0x28a 0x2fd 0x2eb answer = ques@on are awake this you for •  The assignment operator does not make a copy of the original list –  In the end, both q...
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