For example how many grades are below average variable

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Unformatted text preview: nside of it? • Accessing list values is repe..on  ­> while loops! Accessing Lists using while loops 5 13 ­09 ­23 Using Lists to store words  ­ Example • Loops repeat un\l the user types ‘S’ to stop Applica\ons of Lists •  Lists are good for storing mul\ple values •  Storing a bunch of values in individual variables gets messy fast •  Use lists to store mul\ple related values Applica\ons of Lists •  When we store mul\ple values together, we are able to analyze them. For example, how many grades are below average. VARIABLE = EXPRESSION a variable is a name for an address in memory where we store useful data expressions determine how the calcula9ons in the program are made 6 13 ­09 ­23 Another Applica\on of Lists •  When asking input, we onen want to ignore case: “Y” or “y” are equally good as posi\ve answers •  Op\on 1: Boolean or •  Op\on 2: fix the case of the answer •  Op\on 3: use the in test Itera\ng over the elements in a list •  So far we have used while to view every value, or element, in a list •  To use while, we need to maintain an index variable •  But there’s an easier w...
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