While vs for while loop increment an index for

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Unformatted text preview: f integers i,i +1,i+2, ….,j-1 •  i and k are op\onal parameters 8 13 ­09 ­23 Range Func\on and For Loops •  The first argument i specifies the star\ng number of the sequence. •  If i is not specified, then the sequence will start from 0. •  The third argument k specifies the “step”, so each number in the sequence will increase by k. •  If k is not specified, then the step will be 1. The range() func9on • Range returns an iterable object, which means something we can iterate over like a list • It is not a list, but we can treat it like one in our for loop The range() func9on • We can skip elements in the sequence too • Example: skipping by 2 9 13 ­09 ­23 What is the output? for count in range(3): print(count) for count in range(6,5,1) print (count) for count in range(1,6,2): print(count) for count in range(4,1,-1) print(count) Range Func\on and List •  The range func\on can be used to fill out a list. while vs for •  while loop: increment an index •  For loop: iterate over the elements 10 13 ­09 ­23 To index or not to index? •  For searching either way is fine –  In this case, we’re searching for the...
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