Allowed the codebreaker tries to guess the papern

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Unformatted text preview: by going through the steps in them remember your best friends? CMPUT174  ­ ­ Design & Problem Solving 7 Ac=vity: Informal Design • Draw a diagram or write out steps for how the program will operate • Do not worry about details or the code you will write • Describe in English or pictures what steps will be included in the program CMPUT174  ­ ­ Design & Problem Solving 8 Example: Codebreaker game • Two ­player game: the codemaker and the codebreaker   The game goes for a number of rounds   The codemaker chooses a paPern of four colored pegs; duplicates are allowed   The codebreaker tries to guess the paPern both in order and color   The codemaker provides feedback a=er each round by saying the number of pegs that are: •  Of the right color and in the right place •  Of the right color but out of place   The game ends if the codebreaker guesses the paPern or runs out of rounds CMPUT174  ­ ­ Design & Problem Solving 9 3 13 ­10 ...
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