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Append0size print mc mc for i in range0size

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Unformatted text preview: i in range(0,size): mC.append([0]*size) print mC mc= for i in range(0,size): mc.append([0]*size) print mC • The problem defini:on is o=en vague, with many parts that can be solved in many different ways # Multiply C = A x B i=0 while i < size: j=0 while j < size: sum = 0 k=0 while k < size: sum = sum + mA[i][k] * mB[k][j] k =k+1 mC[i][j] = sum j=j+1 i=i+1 # Print C print "\nMatrix C = A x B is:" i=0 while i < size: j=0 while j < size: print mC[i][j], j=j+1 print "\n", i=i+1 print "\n", 2 CMPUT174  ­ ­ Design & Problem Solving Design by itera=ve refinement design refine informal outline iterate informal design implementa:on refine iterate more formal design refine iterate formal code • Some people make a clear dis:nc:on between design and implementa=on (turning the design into code), but we can think of both tasks as steps in the same itera:ve process CMPUT174  ­ ­ Design & Problem Solving 3 1 13 ­10 ­01 Example: Codebreaker game • Two ­player game: the codemaker and the codebreaker   The game goes for a number of rounds   The codemaker chooses a paPern of four colored pegs; duplicates are allowed   The codebreaker tries to guess the paPern both in order and color   The codemaker provides feedback a=er each round by saying the number of pegs tha...
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