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Unformatted text preview: eck guess • Design in steps, refining in each way Stop Stop continue = count < limit and guess != code CMPUT174  ­ ­ Design & Problem Solving 15 5 13 ­10 ­02 Reminders about coding • Implement your program one piece at a Mme • Once one part works, then add the next part • Test oAen! • Revise your design as needed CMPUT174  ­ ­ Design & Problem Solving 16 AcBvity: Write some more code! •  Use your code from Tuesday, or download my sample from eClass •  Step 3: Give feedback to the user on the number of posiMons that match exactly. •  Step 4: Give feedback to the user on the number of le<ers that match but are not in the right place. •  OpMonal: Figure out how to randomize the answer (or see next slide) •...
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