If so tell the user to wear a parka if not tell the

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Unformatted text preview: what to wear Check Forecast • Breakdown of task:   Ask user for the forecast   Decide if it is too cold to wear a shirt •  If so, tell the user to wear a parka •  If not, tell the user to wear a shirt   Print out the result Max < -10? TRUE FALSE Wear Parka Wear Shirt Display result Stop 6 2 13 ­09 ­16 The code 7 The code • Note the familiar data processing pa]ern here input calculations output 8 Decision making • The “calcula=on” part of most programs depends on many things (usually provided as input by the user) • In programming languages, we use the “if ­then ­else” construct to make decisions • IF something is true THEN proceed in one way Max < -10? TRUE • ELSE (otherwise), proceed in another way Wear Parka FALSE Wear Shirt 9 3 13 ­09 ­16 Decision making in Python • Python syntax—take 1 if BOOLEAN EXPRESSION : BLOCK1 else : BLOCK2   Each block must contain at least one in...
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