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With your assignment do include a printout of your

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Unformatted text preview: y value problem. with your assignment. do, include a printout of your worksheet(s) 8. Consider the system u = y uy= where u(1, y ) = cos(y ) y A , xey , (1) x 421 A= 0 4 3 . 6. Consider the PDE 004 uyy 4u = sin (xy ) . (2) (a) Show that A has one eigenvalue, , of multiplicity three with one Since the partial derivatives with respect1 . Hence absent, this can beof the by linearly independent eigenvector, v to x are find one solution solved using our understanding of second order ODEs, as follows: system. (b) Find two solution u (x, y ) of the associated homogeneous equation u a) Find the more independent solutions as...
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