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Oct. 11...Maus - them but in their hearts they know that...

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Hon 101 Maus Homework October 11, 2007 The first frame I chose was on page 43 when Artie visits his father for dinner. When they are sitting at the table, and Artie is no longer hungry, is father tells him with an angry look, “So finish at least what’s on your plate!” Artie agrees just to satisfy his father, but he does not truly understand why his father is so adamant…He knows that Vladek was starved during WWII, but since he did not live it, he cannot possibly understand why it is so important to Vladek to never waste food. The pictures give insight to how strongly Vladek feels about wasting nothing. It also shows that he remembers what it is like not to have food, something Artie has never experienced. The second frame I choose is on page 108 when the parents must say goodbye to their children. It is such a hard time for them all because they love their children and want to be with
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Unformatted text preview: them, but in their hearts, they know that sending the children away is probably best for them. It is ironic though because the box says, “It was the last time ever we saw them; but that we couldn’t know.” So the situation is made even more terrible by the fact that the parents believe they are doing best for their children, only for the reader to find out that they will never be reunited. The picture shows their sadness very well; Anja is crying, and although their eyes are only black dots, there is deep sorrow in them. One of the parents has his hand up toward the children, as if waving goodbye and trying to reach them all at once. This frame is very sad to look at. So many unimaginable things happened during WWII, and this is merely one small story, but it makes one feel the anguish these people felt when sending their children away....
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