Basic Learning Tools for CH369

Another good memorization tool is constructing

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Unformatted text preview: it may be to do this – especially in the summer – you will find that you retain more of what you hear in lecture if you do this. I know things go fast in the summer – but keep up as best you can! • Print a copy of the study guide for the chapter and have that at hand as you review the lecture slides. This will help you connect what we covered in lecture with what you are expected to know and understand. This should ALWAYS follow the reading of the chapter – and it should help the tumblers in your brain start to fall into place. • Use the EOC questions to gauge your understanding. DO NOT look at the answer in the back of the book until you have exhausted what you know and are still unable to find the answer. Answers always make sense when you look them up – but you won’t have this option on the exam! Homework assignments are also intended to help in this regard. • For items you are to memorize – flashcards work the best. Even the process of preparing them will help you remember the material. • Another good memorization tool is constructing...
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