Basic Learning Tools for CH369

Skim the chapter in your text before reading it

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Unformatted text preview: lecture will provide a detailed look at all of the topics of the chapter that you will be held accountable for. In order to facilitate more of a problem- based approach, I will need 1 to abbreviate the number of lecture slides I can review with you each period. Those omitted will be selected based on the difficulty of the topic – leaving simpler items for you to review for yourselves. Study Techniques Different individuals certainly have variable learning styles – and each may be effective for that person. You are encouraged to find the learning methods that work best for you – but here is an outline of some suggestions. • Skim the chapter in your text before reading it through. Look at the headings, Key Concepts, figures, and pictures – this will get the neurons firing and lay a framework that you can build on as you then read through the chapter. • Be sure to read the chapter through at least once. This will be the foundation of your understanding, so it is best if you do this before lecture. As hard as...
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