Basic Learning Tools for CH369

Taking exams students often perform on exams below

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Unformatted text preview: mnemonics to simplify concepts for easy access later. • Music is another great way to learn material – so make up a song that incorporates all the points you want to remember. It doesn’t have to be professional – just something you can remember and that helps you tie concepts together. Our brains store musical memory in a different location than facts and knowledge alone – so if you incorporate this you’re getting more than one area of the brain working to help you remember. You’ll be surprised how well this works! • A good measure of how well you understand a concept is the skill with which you can explain it to someone else. Here is where group learning can really help! Explain the concept to your study buddy (buddies) and see how well you do. If you aren’t able to study with a group – you can still test yourself along this line. Force yourself to explain it out loud – as if another person where there – and see if it sounds logical. You’ll be surprised how readily you can discover flaws in your understanding...
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