Basic Learning Tools for CH369

You will also be aided in this process by completing

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Unformatted text preview: instructor is to help you in this process by focusing on problem- based learning as much as possible. I will use the lecture period to convey information, but will also incorporate scientific demonstrations, case studies, in- class quizzes, and certain group activities. You will also be aided in this process by completing the scheduled homework assignments, as well as the end- of- chapter (EOC) questions in your text. On the Blackboard page for this course, you will see a Content area marked as “Chapter Modules.” Within this content area you will find a separate folder for each chapter in the text. Within each folder you will find a chapter summary, a study guide – marking important items that you should become familiar with, and the EOC questions I want you to focus on. I can guarantee you that some of the EOC questions will show up on each of the exams. It will also be my goal to review at least some of these with you during the lecture period. You will also find in these chapter folders the lecture files in ppt and pdf formats. The full...
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