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nov. 27....Animal Dreams - blessing They would even adorn...

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November 27, 2007 HON 101 Animal Dreams Homework One very important object in the book, Animal Dreams , is the Semilla Besada. This one fruit-bearing tree in the middle of a fruitless orchard is a great symbol of fertility. To Codi, the tree represents her fertility. Being only fifteen when she became pregnant, she was like a semilla besada-one very fertile girl in a sea of girls who would take years before having children. The semilla besada also has a huge relation to the fertility of the town. Just as this tree has found untapped nutrients in a field where there are very few, the people who live in Grace, Arizona have found a way to live and reproduce in an otherwise barren place in the desert. People saw a semilla besada as something very special; they would come to it year after year, hoping for a
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Unformatted text preview: blessing. They would even adorn the tree with valued family tokens, such as a baby sock, a pair of broken reading glasses, or the window envelope of a pension check. The semilla besada could also represent hope to the people of Grace. As it is a tree from the “seed that has been kissed,” the people may see this fruitful tree and have their hopes of a successful, prosperous life renewed. Overall, the semilla besada in Animal Dreams is mostly just a sign of fertility in a place where there should be none, showing the people of Grace that fertility can crop up in even the most unexpected places. Isabella, Natalia, Luciana, Carmine, Giovanni, Lorenzo, Valentino...
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