Chem 380.37 Assignment 1

Chem 380.37 Assignment 1

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Unformatted text preview: ol–1deg–2 and include a table of your data and the two graphs when you turn in your assignment. 4 Appendix 1: Downloading the A vogadro Software Package to a Personal Computer The Avogadro software package is freely available for the Mac, Linux, and Windows platforms. If you would like to download Avogadro for personal use, go to this web site: . Click on the link that says "Get Avogadro". The site should automatically detect your operating system and provide the appropriate version of Avogadro, so make sure to download it from a computer using the same operating system on which you wish to install the package. Appendix 2 : B uilding S imple O rganic M olecules w ith A vogadro To demonstrate how to build simple organic molecules, n-butane will be used as an example. When you start the Avogadro software package, you should see a window similar to the one shown in Figure A1 on your screen. Figure A1. The main A vogadro window. The Avogadro window that you see may have a black background. If you would like to change the background color, you may do so by selecting "View → Set Background Color. " In addition, if the "Settings" area on the left side of the window does not appear, you may toggle it on by clicking on the "Tool Settings" button. To construct an initial structure for the n-butane molecule, click on the Drawing Tool, . Set the Element to Carbon, Bond Order to Single, and make sure that "Adjust Hydrogens" is NOT selected. Then, click with the left mouse button in the Avogadro window and a single carbon atom should be displayed. Next, click three additional times in the window to place three more carbon atoms in an arrangement that resembles the carbon backbone of the anti form of n-butane, as illustrated in Figure A2. NOTE: if you make a mistake during the building process, you can erase it by using keyboard sequence Cmd-Z on Macintosh (or Ctrl-Z on Windows). 5 Figure A2. Constructing the carbon backbone of the n -butane molecule. The next step is to...
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