Chem 380.37 Lecture Notes 2

1 pflops history of supercomputer speeds from

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Unformatted text preview: agreement with X ­ray structure Computational Chemistry in the Future • No end in sight to computing increases. • Current max > 1 Petaflop. • Speeds of Petaflops (1000 Tflops) have been reached (10 million times faster than 1st supercomputer). • Increased computing power allows more accurate simulations to be performed and larger systems to be treated. Nov. 2012  ­ Top 5 Supercomputers System # Cores Speed TITAN  ­ Oak Ridge Nat. Lab, US 560,000 17.6 Pflops Sequoia  ­ Lawrence Livermore Nat. Lab, US 1,570,000 16.3 Pflops K computer  ­ RIKEN Institute, Japan 700,000 10.5 Pflops Mira  ­ Argonne Nat. Lab, US 786,000 8.2 Pflops JUQUEEN  ­...
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