Chem 380.37 Lecture Notes 2

Computing in the 1970s important developments

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Unformatted text preview: eloped for all types of processors including Intel chips (Linux). • UNIX was one of the first operating systems for serious scientific computing. Computational Chemistry in the 1960s and 70s • Computers remained out of the mainstream of chemistry due to slow speeds and expense. • Still, numbers of computational chemistry articles grew steadily. Computing in the 1970s Important developments: • Microprocessor chip introduced by Intel in 1972. • First supercomputer developed in 1976. The Development of the Supercomputer • CRAY ­1 was developed in 1976. • Cray ­1 had a speed of 100 Mflops. • Today’s quad ­core processors have speeds of ~50 Gflops. 1980s  ­ Introduction of the PC • 1983  ­ IBM PC introduced. • Not of use in computational chemistry  ­ ­ too slow. • In 70s and 80s, approximately 30% of the computer time on supercomputers was used by computational chemists. 1990s to Present  ­ Explosion of Computational Chemistry Key Developments: • graphics and visua...
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