Chem 380.37 Lecture Notes 2

Some of the diatomic molcules that ransil calculated

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Unformatted text preview: took 1 1/2 years to complete 12 diatomic molecule calculations finished by late 1959 – reasonable agreement achieved (1 ­2 sig figures) with experimental dipole moments, ionization potentials, etc. Some of the Diatomic Molcules that Ransil Calculated H2 LiH HF CO How Computational Chemistry Began • R. S. Mulliken  ­ Nobel Prize 1966 – for work on molecular orbital theory • Mulliken summarized the use of computers in computational chemistry to date: “The operational success of the computer program and the results it generated clearly heralded the dawn of a new era.” Computing in the 1960s Important developments: • Transistors replaced vacuum tubes. • First mass ­produced minicomputer (DEC PDP ­8) released in 1965. • UNIX operating system developed in 1969. DEC PDP ­8 The UNIX Operating System • Developed in 1969 at Bell Labs. • UNIX has been continuously updated from 1969 to present. • UNIX has been dev...
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