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Finding a place that remained undisturbed after so many other tombs were desecrated for their treasures this tomb was something special. Standing in front of the door of that place would be the closest thing to standing inside of a time machine that was set to ancient Egypt. With so much importance in the ancient Egyptian culture resting on death this is something that would reveal a lot about their culture. Beyond that, this was not a burial place for a common man. This was the tomb of a king, and the value of his death was far weightier than anyone else’s. Stepping inside I can imagine seeing jewels, possessions, and art that was preserved much more than anything else I had ever laid my eyes on. I would hope to see evidence of the specific rituals that took place at the death of a king, as this would have been an
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Unformatted text preview: important event for an entire nation to take part in. Not knowing or understanding the significance of death in the Egyptian culture would make this place seem unsettling at the very least. The closest that our western culture comes to building anything of this importance to represent the death of one person is a gravestone, while here, in Egypt, monumental structures were built around such an event. More than anything else I would want to understand who Tutankhamen was as a historical figure. What did he do with his life? What were the circumstances of his death? I would find nowhere better to answer those questions than his amazing tomb....
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