Nuclear Burning Lecture Notes

1h 1h 2h e e 7be e 7li e 8b 8be e

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Unformatted text preview: assive post- main sequence stars Only occurs in supernovae February 13, 2014 ASTR 5420 The Solar Neutrino Problem February 13, 2014 ASTR 5420 Solar Neutrino Problem •  Neutrinos are a direct probe of hydrogen burning •  They interact weakly, so they have a very small cross- secOon of interacOon •  The sun is basically transparent to neutrinos, so they freely escape February 13, 2014 ASTR 5420 Solar Neutrino Problem •  PP chains: –  1H + 1H à༎ 2H + e+ + νe –  7Be + e- à༎ 7Li + νe (+γ) –  8B à...
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