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After the Gold Rush Written by Christian Mason Paul, Rodman. " After the Gold Rush: San Francisco and Portland." The Pacific Historical Review 51:1. (February., 1982), 1-21. The future is dependent on the past. All of history's time frame is documented with chronological certainty to serve the purpose of detailing and tracking the past. Instead of focusing on a historical event itself, I decided to shift my focus upon the aftermath of a historical event. One that scripted a variance of unforeseen prosperity that in turn led to growth in trade, city population and agriculture: The Gold Rush. Expansion and reformation brought about varying complications that struck San Francisco, California and Portland, Oregon. Although different in nature, the two cities dealt with similar luck and hardships in economics and growth in trade. Competition between cities evokes change, momentum and challenge. What happens to a city’s economy and population when a slew of dreamers embark upon their land in hopes of striking it rich? Furthermore when the gold reserves were eventually depleted, how could cities economy compensate for such a great loss? A cities economy must adapt to the events that affect it. The gold rush brought about a substantial growth in what was once a small population inhabiting the previously unknown city of San Francisco, California. Previous to the year 1848, before gold was discovered, San Francisco was a desolate town with a couple hundred buildings and less than a thousand occupants. The desire
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for fortune and prosperity led people to reside among the San Francisco city walls during the gold rush. The gold rush can be attributed to the astounding addition of 35,000 people to San Francisco's population in a mere 5 year span. In this time-period merchants attributed to the greatest portion of the population. The merchants were ambitious young men deriving from New York, Boston, New England and the Middle Atlantic states. By 1860 San Francisco one of the largest cities in the nation. On
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After the Gold Rush 2 - After the Gold Rush Written by...

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