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Unformatted text preview: urrency – Trading stamps – Points – Tokens Contest and Sweepstakes Decisions • Communication approach • Prize structure and description • Prize limits • Entry conditions • Proof-of-purchase requirements • Eligibility restrictions • Supplementary rule availability • Entry method • Closing date • Selection criteria • Notification criteria • Tie breaker Facts • • • • 2% of coupons that are redeemed 20% of online coupons that are redeemed Loyalty program memberships in the US: 1.5 billion Percentage of market share gained each by companies with high customer service: 6 • Percentage of market share lost by companies with low customer service: 2 • Online videogames sponsored by Chrysler and featuring their vehicles: 42 Discussion I Suppose you are the marketing coordinator responsible for recommending the sales promotion plan for the market launch of a new brand of energy drink sold in supermarkets. What promotional tools would you consider for this task and what decisions must be made? Discussion II Sally Burke works for Hi-Tech Electronics. Her responsibilities include selecting items to advertise in her...
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