Stanley 1982 p 40 pr activities creation and

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Unformatted text preview: ent function that determines the attitudes and opinions of the organisation’s publics, identifies its policies with the interests of its publics, and formulates and executes a programme of action to earn the understanding and goodwill of its publics. Stanley (1982, p. 40) PR Activities • Creation and maintenance of corporate identity and image • Enhancement of organization's standing as a corporate corporate citizen • Communication of the organizations' philosophy and purpose • Media relations Publics Defined A public is any group, with some common characteristic, with which an organisation needs to communicate. Publics General Financial Commercial Publics Media Authority Internal e.g. Greenpeace is a lobbying expert Forms of Public Relations Marketing PR Corporate PR Techniques in Public Relations Advertising Press relations Publications Public Relations Events Internal Techniques in Public Relations I Publications • Annual report • Magazines • Video • Brochures • Books • Websites Press releases • Press releases • Press conferences • Press briefings • Press receptions Techniques in Public Relations II Events • Social events • Factory tours • Annual general meeting Internal • House journals • Staff briefings Advertising • Corporate image Advantages of Publicity...
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