The five ms of promotion message generation

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Unformatted text preview: . The five Ms of promotion MESSAGE • Generation • Evaluation • Selection • Execution MISSION • Sales goals • Promotional objectives MONEY • Stage in PLC • Market share • Customer base • Competition • Frequency MEASUREMENT • Comms impact • Sales impact MEDIA • Reach • Frequency • Impact • Timing Typical communications objectives AIMS • • • • • • Inform Make aware Remind Reassure Persuade Differentiate OBJECTIVES • To increase awareness from 35 – 50% within 8 weeks of campaign launch to 25 – 35 year old ABC1 women • To reposition beer brand from old person to young person’s drink over a 2 year period amongst 20 –30 year old males • To increase sales of audit services by 20% in 12 month period • To support launch of a new shop by generating 50% awareness in immediate vicinity one week before launch Promotional Tools Personal Selling Branding Advertising SalesPromotion Sponsorship Public Relations The Customer Packaging Merchandising Corporate Image Direct Marketing Internal Marketing Word of Mouth Exhibitions The role of Marketing Communications • • • • Differentiate Remind and reassure Inform Persuade Pull Communication Strategies • In order to reach consumers and end users you need to use communications based on the target audience’s perception and response to to messages • A ‘pull’ strategy is one that achieves these aims and encourages the target audience to seek out the promoted offering Push Communication Strategies • In order to build lasting relationships with members of your marke...
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