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Unformatted text preview: over Advertising Credibility Reach Excitement Sponsorship Defined Sponsorship is a business relationship between a provider of funds, resources or services and an individual, event or organisation which offers in return some rights and association that may be used for commercial advantage. e.g. Vodafone Types of Sponsorship Sport Broadcast sponsorship The arts Cause-related Flora Sponsors the London Marathon Media coverage expands value of sponsorship Factors Influencing Sponsorship Choice Compatibility Uniqueness/ exclusivity Length of impact Sponsorship choice Relevance Spin-off promotions Evaluating Sponsorship Media exposure measurement Assessing communication results Measuring sales results Feedback from participating groups Questions 1. Distinguish between public and publicity. Is it true that publicity can be regarded as free advertising? 2. There is no such thing as bad publicity. Discuss. Discuss. 3. The major reason for event sponsorship is to indulge senior management in their favorite pastime. Discuss. Case study I … advert breached CAP (Broadcast) TV Advertising Standards Code rule 5.1 (Misleading advertising) and 5.2.1 (Evidence). Action The ASA concluded that the advertisement was not to be shown again in its present form and that the product should not be advertised without adequate substantiation for the claims made for it. Case study II 1. What is the relevance of the viewing statistics that Channel S provided for marketing communications? 2. What was the key message that the advertisement advertisement was communicating and who was the audience? 3. What is the role of Channel S in broadcasting the advertisement from a marketing perspective? What lessons could the channel learn from this adjudication? Who are its stakeholders?...
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