perishability service cannot be manufactured and

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Unformatted text preview: touch, smell etc.) • Perishability (service cannot be manufactured and stored either before or after the experience) Special characteristics of Service Markets II • Inseparability (customer often comes into direct contact with the service provider) • Heterogeneity (service experience is likely to be different and it is difficult to standardize the service experience) Packaging • • • • Functions of packaging: promotional etc. Labeling Design and style Corporate name Packaging (example from Deutsche Bank) Product Lifecycle (PLC) Product Lifecycle: Implications for Marketing I Product Lifecycle: Implications for Marketing II Alternative Product Lifecycle patterns Product mix • The product mix is the total sum of all products offered by a company; e.g. small companies specializing in B2B or large multinational multinational companies like Nestle Part of P&G product mix Personal care PRODUCT LINE Shampoos •Pantene •Head & Shoulders •Wella Cologne Cologne •Christina Aguilera •Dolce&Gabbana •Hugo Boss •Gucci Toothpaste •Crest •Gleem PRODUCT LINE LENGTH PRODUCT ITEM Product Mix Width Extra White Plus Kids Barbie Pro-Health Gel Sensitivity Extra Sensitivity Original Tartar Protection LINE DEPTH Product Lines at Southern Bank Berhad Extending the Product Line Length and Depth • Extending upwards • Extending downwards • Filling the product range Examples from Poland Deleting products • Phase out • Run...
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