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Unformatted text preview: odify product? • Demand • New technologies • Changes in regulations Own labels/ private labels Own labels refers to the practice of retailers selling products under their own name, e.g. Tesco Orange juice or chocolate. Retailers realized the potential (more money and brand loyalty) and moved into financial services. Partnerships There is scope for brands to work together to endow both brands. “In cooperation with WestLB, Germany’s largest bonus programme has launched a free PAYBACK Maestro card on the market. At the request of customers, the conventional PAYBACK card has been equipped with a payment function that can be used with immediate effect worldwide to make cashless payments and collect points”. Questions 1) How would you advise a new entrant to the financial services market-place to develop a brand? 2) What opportunities for value co-creation have you you identified in your use of financial products? Case study 1) What dangers can arise from listening to everyone when developing a brand? 2) 2) What distinctive approaches did the bank leadership bring to the re-branding task? 3) What did the consultancy team perceive to be the key problems of the re-branding task? 4) Any cultural issues arising from the case?...
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