Products offered have the same name and logo

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Unformatted text preview: rands • Monopoly for a product impossible to copy (Kevlar) • Creating easy, mass product (Barbie, Scotch) • Niching Multiproduct branding • All products offered have the same name and logo (multiproduct branding, family branding, blanket branding) Multibrand strategy • Each product or product line offered has different name and logo Brand extension • Name brand in one category extended to another category (unrelated) • Name of existing brand used to name an added new category • Cross- branding Brand names • • • • • • • Abstract ( Bata, Gillette, Omo, Algida) Suggestive (Sharp, Marlboro, Kadett) Descriptive (Telepizza, Popularne) Abridgements Neologisms Morphemic Phraseologism Neologism Morphemic Suggestive Suggestive Related to country/place of origin “Discovered” Abridgements Logo • Realism vs. abstraction Logo • Dynamic/ static Logo • Opened form vs. closed form Simplicity Company’s name related Thematic • Most explicit and informative Symbolic Calligrams Purely abstract Animals Fake coats of arms Need for change Developments over time I Developments over time II Brand name changing into generic name • Cellophane, Hoover, rover, Kleenex, Dixie-cup etc Why to m...
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