Consumer Contracts and Consumer Protection

Consumer protection consumer contract for permanent

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Unformatted text preview: TECTION. CONSUMER contract for permanent or periodic contract for permanent performance (art. 8) - - for determined or undetermined period for determined for period exceeding one year - afterwards for for exceeding one year for undetermined period undetermined undetermined: each party may withdraw each party may without giving reasons at one month notice, one month unless the parties reserved a shorter term unless shorter CONSUMER CONTRACTS. CONSUMER PROTECTION. CONSUMER information to be provided (art. 9) information to provided - extensive - clear and easy to read to read - not later than at the moment of starting the not later moment of performance - information deficient: period of withdrawal = three period of three months (art. 10.2) → from the delivery → services: from the day of conclusion from CONSUMER CONTRACTS. CONSUMER PROTECTION. CONSUMER exemptions: NO withdrawal (unless agreed otherwise) exemptions NO withdrawal - services if performance started with the consumer’s consent performance started - audio and video recordings and software, once the original audio and video recordings once packing is removed - performance which price or remuneration depends solely on performance which on price fluctuations on the financial market price on the - performance with characteristics specified by the consumer in performance with by the his order or directly his or - connected with his person - performance which by its nature cannot be returned or which performance which by its be returned subject is susceptible to quick deterioration to quick - supply of press - services in the field of games of chance and betting. field of CONSUMER CONTRACTS. CONSUMER PROTECTION. CONSUMER performance performance - within 30 days since the consumer declared his willingness to 30 days his willingness to conclude the contract conclude - subject not available: not available →entrepreneur to inform the consumer to inform →to refund the full amount of the money to refund →not later that within thirty days since contract conclusion not later - characteristics ordered by the consumer by the →if stipulated in the contract →substitute performance of equivalent quality and destination performance of →same price or remuneration same price →informing the consumer in writing about his right to refuse this his right to refuse service and withdraw from the contract by returning the object at by returning the entrepreneur’s cost CONSUMER CONTRACTS. CONSUMER PROTE...
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