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Consumer Contracts and Consumer Protection

Consumer protection consumer exemptions exemptions

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Unformatted text preview: s - producer does not put the product into circulation or not put the product is put into circulation out of the course of out of his business activity his activity - dangerous properties of the product appear after it is put into circulation - state of science and technology at the time when the science and product put into circulation precluded foreseeing its dangerous properties - properties resulted conform with the legal provisions CONSUMER CONTRACTS. CONSUMER PROTECTION. CONSUMER damages damages - damage to an individual – unrestricted to an - damage to the property to the only if exceeds the equivalent to 500 to EURO EURO → defects of the product, benefits of the benefits injured person excluded person excluded → CONSUMER CONTRACTS. CONSUMER PROTECTION. CONSUMER 7. Institutional protection. 7. Institutional consumer organizations consumer - Office of Competition and Consumer Protection Office of (UOKiK) - Consumer’s Federation - Association of Polish Consumers Trade Inspection Trade district consumer advocates (ombudsman) district...
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