Consumer Contracts and Consumer Protection

Consumer protection consumer obligation to inform the

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Unformatted text preview: CONSUMER obligation to inform the consumer obligation to inform - about his right to withdrawal (art. 3) his right to withdrawal → otherwise: 10 days from the date the consumer days receives information about the right of withdrawal → up to three months after the execution of a to three contract contract - specimen of the statement on withdrawal on withdrawal identity of an entrepreneur (art. 1) CONSUMER CONTRACTS. CONSUMER PROTECTION. CONSUMER - exemptions – art. 5 → contracts of permanent or periodic character, based on based on publications, advertising, price-lists etc. (consumer able to get publications advertising price to get previously acquainted with the offer), reserving the right of ), reserving withdrawal within 10 days from conclusion 10 days → sales of foodstuffs delivered recurrently by the salesman to the by the to the consumer’s household → contracts universally concluded in small current matters of everyday life where the value of the subject of a contract does contract not exceed the equivalent of 10 EURO not exceed → construction works → real property (NOT repair services) (NOT repair → insurance (incl. open pension funds and reinsurance) open → investment services CONSUMER CONTRACTS. CONSUMER PROTECTION. CONSUMER Contracts concluded at a distance distance implementation of the EU Directive 97/7 implementation EU Directive consumer contracts concluded without simultaneous presence of consumer both parties by way of a use of means of communication at a by way use distance, e.g. distance e.g - order form order - serial letter serial letter - press advertising with a printed order form printed - catalogue - telephone - automatic calling machine - electronic mail Art. 6 3. Making use of videophone, facsimile machine, electronic mail, automatic 3. Making facsimile machine electronic mail, automatic calling machine and telephone in order to propose the conclusion of a order propose contract may be done only upon the prior consent of the consumer. contract be done CONSUMER CONTRACTS. CONSUMER PROTECTION. CONSUMER right to withdraw (art. 7) right to withdraw - - without giving reasons by appropriate written statement by appropriate within ten days from the delivery/conclusion of the ten days contract (services) the contract null and void after a prepayment +statutory interest rate prepayment return of unchanged goods (unless the change return of necessary within the limits of usual management) CONSUMER CONTRACTS. CONSUMER PRO...
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