Antitrust and Fair Competition

7 minor agreements block exemptions art 8 individual

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Unformatted text preview: nts - block exemptions (art. 8) - individual exemptions Fines Fines - President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Office of Protection - equivalent of from 1,000 to 50,000,000 Euro - not exceeding 10% of the revenue earned in the not exceeding 10% of preceding accounting year ANTITRUST AND FAIR COMPETITION ANTITRUST 5. Abuse of a dominant position. 5. Abuse dominant position DP DP - position of the entrepreneur which allows him to to prevent the efficient competition on the relevant prevent on the market - independence from competitors, contracting parties contracting and consumers - assumed if the market share exceeds 40% market share Examples of abuse – art. 9 Examples - incl. division of market, excessive pricing, limiting division market, excessive limiting production ANTITRUST AND FAIR COMPETITION ANTITRUST 6. Control of concentration of entrepreneurs 6. Control mandatory notification to the President of the Office mandatory to the combined turnover in the preceding year combined worldwide - exceeds the equivalent of EUR 1 000 000 000, or worldwide EUR 000 or in Poland - exceeds the equivalent of EUR 50 000 000. in EUR 000 merger merger take...
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