Antitrust and Fair Competition

Act of 16 april 1993 on unfair ii act 16 april 1993

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Unformatted text preview: ril 1993 Unfair Competition 1. Act of unfair competition 1. Act against the llaw or good practices aw or against violates or threatens interests of another violates entrepreneur or customer ANTITRUST AND FAIR COMPETITION ANTITRUST Examples misleading designation of an enterprise misleading misleading designation of products or services misleading - regarding key attributes - origin, quantity, quality, components, usage, and the risks involved in quantity quality components usage and using them - false or misleading geographical designation or protected designation of place of origin place of infringement of a business's confidential information infringement business's - entrepreneur’s information of commercial value, not revealed to the not revealed to the public - technical, technological, organisational, know-how technological organisational know - a business has taken necessary steps to keep confidential business has to keep - transferring, revealing, using or purchasing from an unauthorised revealing using person another business’s confidential information person another ANTITRUST AND FAIR COMPETITION ANTITRUST inciting to non-performance of an agreement or personnel duties inciting performance of - employee - customer - businesspartner counterfeiting counterfeiting - imitating an existing product - imitating a product’s functional attributes allowed, unless involves imitating a product unless product’s characteristic form product distributing unfair information distributing - act of unfair competition if it is aimed at gaining benefits or causing losses. impeding market entry impeding...
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