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Relevant market 3 relevant products intended use

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Unformatted text preview: evant market. 3. Relevant products: intended use, price and products intended price characteristics (incl. quality) regarded by quality regarded by the buyers as substitutes the as substitutes offered in the area in which the conditions of offered competition are sufficiently homogeneous - nature, market access barriers, consumer market access consumer preferences, significant differences in prices and significant transport costs transport costs ANTITRUST AND FAIR COMPETITION ANTITRUST 4. Competition-restricting agreements (cartels) 4. Competition Art. 6 – examples - fixing, directly or indirectly, prices and other conditions of directly prices purchase - limiting or controlling production or supply as well as technical controlling production as well as technical development or investments, - sharing markets of supply or purchase, - onerous or not homogenous contract terms (creating diversified not homogenous conditions of competition for third parties), for third ), - tying agreements, - limiting access to the market or eliminating from the market to the market or market entrepreneurs who are not a party to the agreement, entrepreneurs not the - collusion between entrepreneurs entering a tender, or by those tender, or by those entrepreneurs and the entrepreneur being the tender organiser tender organiser ANTITRUST AND FAIR COMPETITION ANTITRUST exemptions: exemptions - minor agreements (art. 7) minor agreeme...
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