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Benefits or causing losses impeding market entry

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Unformatted text preview: market entry - selling products/services below the cost of production or purchase (dumping (dumping prices) prices - unreasonably dissimilar treatment of customers - charging payments for accepting products, other than commercial margin of for accepting other profits - selling products or services in retail stores larger than 400m2 at prices below the 400m2 at cost of production or purchase - exemptions: end-of season sales, products nearing the end of their shelf-life, and end products end of and store liquidations ANTITRUST AND FAIR COMPETITION ANTITRUST bribing a person performing a public function bribing person public - also a crime (Criminal Code) crime stealing television signal stealing advertisement advertisement - contradicting llaw, good practices or human dignity aw, good - misleading - basing on emotions of the customers (fear, on emotions superstistions), gullibility of children superstistions), gullibility - allegedly neutral information - interference into privacy - comparative ads if contradicting good practices ANTITRUST AND FAIR COMPETITION ANTITRUST promotion promotion - selling products or services to clients while granting free prizes to clients - products or services other than the ones which are sold - unless the prize is a product or a service of a minor value (or product service minor value sample) or is an award in a promotional lottery or in a contest or promotional contest - offer that makes a consumer convinced of winning should he or consumer she make a purchase pyramid sale systems pyramid - purchase of products or services is offered by promising by promising b...
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