Antitrust and Fair Competition

Systems pyramid purchase of products or services is

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Unformatted text preview: enefits to purchasers in lieu of encouraging other persons to to purchasers to enter into same transactions enter same transactions - Exemption: promised benefits from sale of goods or services at promised sale of prices not grossly exceeding real market value and not grossly market value - person resigning from participation in the system entitled to person resigning system entitled to re-sell to the organiser all products, purchased within the re purchased preceding six months for not less than 90% of purchase price for than 90% of ANTITRUST AND FAIR COMPETITION ANTITRUST Sale in discount stores under own brand in - if such products constitute less than 20% of turnover. less than 20% of 'Argentinian' systems systems - since August 2004 - commercial activities through so-called consortium systems ('Argentinian' systems) systems - managing property collected by a group, to which consumers belong, by group to which created to finance purchase of products or services for the benefit of a created to finance for the group group - financing purchase within a consortium system is also an act of unfair consortium system is competition - infringing consumers’ rights - obstructions of resigning from a system before its expiration system before - refusal to repay initial payments to consumers who resigned from a to repay to consumers system system - entering into agreements with consumers which included prohibited contract clauses, etc. etc. ANTITRUST AND FAIR COMPETITION ANTITRUST 2. Liability. 2. Liability Civil law liability law liability...
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