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1 Laundry Express: Many students like myself do not have the luxary of having a washing machine and dryer to use at our places of residence. Therefore, going to the laundry-mat to clean your clothes can be quite a cumbersome and time consuming task. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have our laundry taken care of for us while we sit at home worrying about more important matters! Well now, that dream can be fulfilled with Laundry Express!! This is a laundry pick up and delivery service right to your door. Clients of Laundry Express simply specify in our online order sheet the number of loads they will be needing washed and the date of pickup, and we will be by to take your laundry in our patented light weight Laundry Express bags ( 5 given to all customers upon registering for service) at 8:30 am on the designated date, returning it by 5:30 pm the same day. The fees are $9.00 per load and all will be washed and folded. Extra fees will be assessed for pressing or for rush fees of having it returned by 12:30 pm the same day.
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Unformatted text preview: Let us take care of the work for you and never worry about laundry again. Sign up today online at and receive and coupon for 2 loads for the price of 1 on your first purchase. The aforementioned service is purely hypothetical but your input on whether or not this service would be right for you, and if there are any changes that could be to make this service more agreeable to you made would greatly help us circumvent future customer service problems if the idea did, in fact become tangible service. Survey Questions 1: Do you think this service is something that you would be interested in using? 2: How often do you think you would use this service? 3. Do you think that the length of time for the service to be completed is fais or do you feel that it should take less time? 4. In order to make this service more effective and user friendly what would you change about the service?...
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