Art 101 Paper! - Have you ever forgotten about something...

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Have you ever forgotten about something but then reminded about it once again when you looked at an object that was similar to the thing that you forgot? The fresco painting “Last Judgement” by Giotto di Bondone does exactly this to me and I’m sure any other Christian when they look at the extreme detail of this magnificent art piece located in the Arena Chapel. The “Last Judgement” was painted around the year 1306 in the Arena Chapel. It is located on the west wall of the chapel and it concludes the story of Christ and Christian drama of the 34 frescos total 1 within the building. The stories start on the east wall when Mary is getting told by an Angel the she is going to bear the son of God and ends when Christ is of course with the Last Judgement when Christ judges who will go to heaven and who will go to hell. This painting to me reflects a great deal of emotion upon each individual’s face, especially the men and women going down the fiery river to hell. Their faces show how much fear and horror that is going on around them as they ascend to their internal life in hell. One man is even trying to fight his way out of hell as he his being dragged and stripped at the same time as he is making his way down to hell by two angels of hell. On the other side of the painting the blessed look calm and anxious as they are escorted by the Angels into heaven. They are all walking in unison with their hands together looking upon the Savior Jesus Christ as they make their way to eternal happiness. A type of crowd Cluster looks as though it is used in this art piece with the Angels on the very top and with the people who are blessed below. You can see the full body of the individuals in the front but you can only see the heads of the others in the other rows. The reason I believe this isn’t an early Christian crowd cluster is because in that type of
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Art 101 Paper! - Have you ever forgotten about something...

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