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7 as shown in the gure a negative 7 because the

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Unformatted text preview: ln y between 1400 and 1900 normalized by land area and the natural log of per capita GDP in 2000.7 As shown in the figure, a negative 7. Because the natural log of zero is undefined, I take the natural log of 0.1. As I show in the Appendix, the results are robust to the omission of these zero-export countries. Estimation Equation is per capita GDP in country i is vector of variables reflecting origin of colonizer prior to independence is vector of variables reflecting geography and climate THE LONG-TERM EFFECTS OF AFRICA’S SLAVE TRADES 155 TABLE III RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SLAVE EXPORTS AND INCOME Dependent variable is log real per capita GDP in 2000, ln y (1) (2) −0.112∗∗∗ −0.076∗∗∗ (0.024) (0.029) Distance from 0.016 equator (0.017) Longitude 0.001 (0.005) Lowest monthly −0.001 rainfall (0.007) Avg max humidity 0.009 (0.012) Avg min −0.019 temperature (0.028) ln(coastline/area) 0.085∗∗ (0.039) Island indicator (3) (4) (5) (6) −0.108∗∗∗ (0.037) −0.005...
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