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Lecture 8 Notes

Details of the construction of the instruments are

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Unformatted text preview: t for the Red Sea slave trade. The ports are Massawa, Suakin, and Djibouti.14 The instruments are illustrated in Figure V, which shows the four distances for Burkina Faso. The ports in each of the four slave trades are represented by different colored symbols, and the shortest distances by colored lines. Details of the construction of the instruments are given in the Appendix.15 The IV estimates are reported in Table IV. The first column reports estimates without control variables, the second column includes colonizer fixed effects, and the third and fourth columns include colonizer fixed effects and geography controls. In column (4), the sample excludes islands and North African countries. 14. For island countries, one cannot reach the ports of the Saharan or Red Sea slave trades by traveling overland. For these countries I use the sum of the sailing distance and overland distance. 15. An alternative strategy is to also include the distance from the centroid to the coast (which is also shown in Figure V) as an additional instrument, since this distance is part of the total distanc...
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